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Whole Crop Harvesting

Wholecrop forage provides a livestock feed that compliments grass silage; especially as part of a total mixed ration in complete diet feeding systems. We harvest with a Direct Cut header and grain processing rollers in the forage harvesters.

Our harvesting teams are experienced in the successful preservation of wholecrop silage; which depends on making an accurate assessment of dry matter content prior to harvesting and attention to detail when harvesting and filling the clamp.

HarvestLab Technology

All machines have Harvest Lab technology for real time crop sensing. It is a fully integrated agricultural management system that provides certified accuracy for dry matter measurement. The operator simply selects the required cut length for specific dry matter content and sets the upper and lower limit values. Using the data provided by HarvestLab, the cut length is then automatically set for optimum wholecrop silage quality. The result? Higher quality silage with greater feed value and less spoilage.

For example, with grass silage, we can measure the content of

  • Moisture/Dry Matter
  • Protein
  • Starch

HarvestLab can also provide field maps of yields so you know the harvested tonnage.


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