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Trailing Shoe and Dribble Bar Slurry Pumping

6M Trailing shoe and the 8.5M Dribble bar. Used on the umbilical system with computerised flow meter The trailing shoe is designed to deliver a controlled volume of slurry straight to the root of the plant with minimum contamination to the plant leaves. It can be used on both grassland and arable land. Slurry can be applied after each grazing without affecting future grazing performance, with less nitrogen loss and odour is significantly reduced.

Umbilical Pipe Slurry Pumping

Umbilical pumping up 3000m distance Up to 40000 gallons per hour Tractors on low ground pressure tyres Flow meters Surface spreading with a splash plate, Dribble Bar and Trailing shoe.

Slurry Tankers & Rear Discharge Spreaders

Slurry tankers ranging from 3000 to 4000 gallons on LGP tyres equipped with trailing shoe or just splash plate.

Ktwo duo 12ton rear discharge muck spreaders for box muck and for the sloppier muck dual spreaders are available.




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