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Square Baling

Straw, hay and haylage baling with Claas balers, making the perfect 1.20 x 0.7m quadrant high density bales or 0.8m x 0.7m size for a smaller ball size perfect for the horse market. With the bales being wrapped by the high output Mchale 998 wrappers, with the choice of how many layers of wrap you desire with green and black wrap.

Round Baling

Round baler and wrapper combination also available – the latest fixed chamber combi baler-wrapper from John Deere. The John Deere CR441R is a premium specification machine, with heavy duty design for producing high capacity wrapped bales. The fast transport table system ensures that whilst one bale is being wrapped, another one is being made to produce top quality silage; and we can carry enough stretch wrap to bale all day without stopping!


We have two sets of triple mowers conditioners both 9 metres. Which soon get grass mown with a clean cut


The Lely tedders are 10.2 metres wide. We have two of these machines. They  have a unique hook tine which ensures that during the tedding operation all grass will be moved to enable easier raking and an even drying process.


We have a range of rakes to suit your needs, with the four rotor rakes that span up to 15 metres. The twin rotor rakes for the heavier crops to ensure that even swaths are made, span from 6.8 metres to 9 metres.

Bale Carting

Loader Tractors equipped with the bale grab to suit every type of bale from the McHale bale squeeze for the round bales. The elephant trunk grab for the squares or the Alo Quad grab to move four bales at once! With 22ft and 27ft bale trailers. 




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