Our grass silaging teams aim to provide a first class service from start to finish, meeting the farmer’s needs for cost effective silage making.


We have mowers that range from the two 9 metre set of triple conditioner mowers, to a set of front and back mowers which are 6.8 meters.


The Lely tedders are 10.2 metres wide. We have two of these machines. They  have a unique hook tine which ensures that during the tedding operation all grass will be moved to enable easier raking and an even drying process.


We have a range of rakes to suit your needs, with the four rotor rakes that span up to 15 metres. The twin rotor rakes for the heavier crops to ensure that even swaths are made, span from 6.8 metres to 9 metres.


The 2017 season will see three John Deere forage harvesters ranging from 525 – 850 horse power, all with multi-knife drums, offering 6-30mm chop length. All foragers have Harvest Lab technology for real time crop sensing. It is a fully integrated agricultural management system that provides certified accuracy for dry matter measurement. The operator simply selects the required cut length for specific dry matter content and sets the upper and lower limit values. Using the data provided by HarvestLab, the cut length is then automatically set for optimum silage quality. The result? Higher quality silage with greater feed value and less spoilage. For example, with grass silage, we can measure the content of

  • Moisture/Dry Matter
  • Protein
  • Starch

HarvestLab can also provide field maps of yields so you know the harvested tonnage.

Buck Rakes 

We buck rake with 200hp tractors with the buck rakes on the front. With highly skilled and experienced operators.


We have seven new 14t K Two Rodeo Curve trailers for the 2017 season replacing the Richard Western trailers. These will run alongside our refurbished trailers, giving the two silaging  teams ten trailers to choose from. Thus we are able to provide the farmer with competitive and high load capacity trailers to keep productivity to a maximum.